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Tala stands as Kenya’s premier mobile loan provider, delivering instant loans to eligible Kenyans. With a significant presence over time, it’s widely regarded, including by myself, as one of today’s top loan apps. Additionally, you can easily access the Tala loan application form online.

How to Fill Tala Loan Application Form Online

Fill Tala Loan Application Form Here

Tala Loan Application Form Questions:

  1. How did you use your last loan?
  • Briefly explain the purpose (e.g., travel, shopping, school fees).
  1. What would you like to use your loan for?
  • Choose between business or personal expense.
  1. What kind of Personal expense is this?
  • Select from options like emergency, medical, education, travel, special occasion, or general expenses.
  1. If business was selected, what kind of business expense is this?
  • Specify the nature of the business expense.
  1. Please describe how you will use this loan in more detail.
  • Provide brief information on the loan’s intended use, considering previous responses.
  1. Do you have outstanding loans?
  • Answer Yes or No.

Tips for Answering Tala Loan Questions:

  • Provide genuine responses to improve your score and loan approval chances.
  • Avoid seeking expert advice online, as each loan use case differs.
  • Note that Tala only offers loans through its mobile app; there are no online loans available.

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