Yanga SC and Karimjee Group

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Young Africans Club, Yesterday February 22, 2024, has entered into a strategic partnership with Karimjee Group, which is the distributor of the famous motorcycle brand HERO.

This business partnership for a period of 18 months, is exemplary and interesting in which Yanga SC and its branches throughout Tanzania will work as a distribution network for HERO motorcycles.

Speaking during the signing of the agreement worth 300 million shillings, the President of the Young Africans Club, Eng. Hersi Said, has mentioned the benefits of the cooperation.

“Today we have entered into an agreement with the Karimjee Company through the Hero Company which manufactures and distributes motorcycles. The Hero company is said to be the number 1 company in the world for that business. This company from India does business in more than 40 countries. Yanga will get an amount of Tsh 300m from this contract in a period of 18 months.

“This agreement allows our club branches to get an allowance on the sale of these motorcycles. Therefore, each branch should ensure that this business grows rapidly. So every citizen, your motorcycle to buy is Hero and the motorcycle to use is Hero.

“Let’s assure the Hero Company that we are the number one club and we will ensure that Hero, who is number one, continues to remain number one. The ability to make Hero number one is the responsibility of each member. So now the bodaboda is a Hero,” said Eng. Hersi Said.

On the part of Nadah Dhiyeb, who is the Marketing Manager of Karimjee Mobility, he said: “We are proud to enter into a contract with a very prestigious club in the history of Tanzanian football. We know this union through the Yanga SC Branches will expand the scope of our business by setting up a large network.”

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