Kenya’s Generation Z is demonstrating strong opposition to the Finance Bill 2024 with planned protests set to begin next week. Using hashtags like #OccupyParliament, #OccupyStateHouse, and the newly introduced #totalshutdown, they aim to showcase their solidarity and demand justice for their slain colleague, Rex.

A poster circulating on social media details a seven-day protest agenda under the banner ‘7 days of rage,’ targeting Members of Parliament who voted for the Bill and advocating for the rejection of the Bill, which has passed its second reading. The protests also aim to address police brutality.

Protest Schedule:

  • Friday, June 21: Visits to the City Mortuary, attendance at Juma prayers at Jamia Mosque, and water distribution post-prayers.
  • Saturday, June 22: A unity call in bars and clubs with a synchronized national chant, “Ruto must go, and Reject Finance Bill” at midnight.
  • Sunday, June 23: Accountability actions in churches, rallying congregations to deny MPs who supported the Bill a platform.
  • Monday: Visits to MPs’ constituency offices to urge boycotts of businesses linked to them and collect signatures for their recall.
  • Tuesday: A nationwide strike dubbed ‘Total Shutdown,’ encouraging all Kenyans to take a day off in protest.
  • Wednesday: A call to action for justice for Rex, with visits to the IPOA offices and the Inspector General of Police.
  • Thursday: Road blockades and a march to State House as President William Ruto is expected to sign the Bill into law, symbolizing what the youth describe as “Ruto signing our lives into slavery.”

These demonstrations reflect the unyielding determination of Kenya’s Gen Z to make their voices heard and demand accountability from their leaders.

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