Ernest Nyerere, chief of staff to LSK President Faith Odhiambo, was arrested early Tuesday by suspected police officers. Odhiambo linked the arrest to efforts to suppress protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

Nyerere’s arrest is part of a pattern of detentions. Social commentator Gabriel Oguda and others were also allegedly abducted by suspected police. Shadrack Kiprono, a vocal protester, was abducted on Saturday in Nairobi.

The LSK condemned these abductions, calling them a return to rogue policing. Odhiambo promised the lawyers’ body would take action against those responsible.

Odhiambo has been working to release detained protesters. Dr. Austin Omondi and social media figure Billy Simani were recently freed following public outcries.

The Finance Bill 2024 protests have resulted in two deaths. A nationwide strike, #TotalShutdownKE, has started despite the bill passing its Second Reading in the House.

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