Five anti-Finance Bill protestors were shot on Tuesday while trying to breach a security barrier near Kenya’s parliament buildings. The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) reported police fired on the protestors, resulting in five casualties, including one fatality.

The KHRC condemned the shooting, calling it unacceptable and a serious human rights violation. “According to KHRC, police shot at four protesters, resulting in one death. We strongly condemn this act of police violence,” the commission stated.

Video footage showed hundreds of protestors attempting to enter parliament despite increased security, leading to clashes with armed officers and gunfire. Protestors breached security and entered parts of the parliament buildings.

MPs fled to safety through tunnels as protestors set fire to parts of the building, including the kitchen and offices. Police eventually expelled the protestors after a prolonged confrontation.

The incident sparked demands for justice and accountability, with the KHRC pledging to ensure police are held accountable for their actions during the protest.

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