On June 27, Ong’ata Rongai, a Nairobi suburb, experienced violent unrest resulting in two deaths and six injuries. The chaos highlighted police inadequacy and lack of preparation.

The disturbance started between 11am and 12pm as protestors gathered in various locations across Rongai, including Maasai Lodge, Tumaini, Nyotu, Tuskys, and Kware. Teargas was used to disperse the crowds initially.

By early afternoon, clashes intensified near Nyotu as protestors from Maasai Lodge and Tuskys confronted the police, leading to reports of looting and vandalism at local markets and supermarkets.

Around 4pm-5pm, protestors overpowered the police, forcing a retreat. They moved towards Tuskys, breaking into shops along Church Road and eventually breaching Cleanshelf Supermarket.

A critical moment occurred at 5:30 pm when protestors captured a police officer, assaulted him, and seized his firearm, firing shots into the air. This underscored the day’s escalating violence.

Looting at Cleanshelf continued between 6-6:30pm, prompting a swift and brutal police response with live ammunition, leading to the tragic shooting of a child near the supermarket.

The unrest subsided by late evening, but the aftermath left a community grappling with loss and injuries. The police have yet to issue a statement, and further protests are anticipated.

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