USSD codes for loans in Kenya

The availability of mobile lending loans via MPESA USSD codes has significantly alleviated financial challenges for many Kenyans in times of urgent need. Without these codes, individuals would face daunting situations such as insufficient funds at the supermarket. These USSD codes offer quick solutions to financial emergencies, ensuring people can address their money issues promptly.

List of Free USSD Mpesa Loans in 2024

MPESA USSD Loan Codes in Kenya:

  1. Fuliza: *334#
  2. Timiza: *848#
  3. KCB MPESA: *844#
  4. Mshwari: *334#
  5. Zenka: *841#
  6. Okolea: *842#
  7. Pesa ChapChap: *339#

MPESA USSD Code Overview:

  • An MPESA USSD code is a service by Safaricom for customer access.
  • Dial *334# for services like sending money, withdrawing cash, buying airtime, loans, financial services, etc.

How MPESA USSD Code Works:

  • Shortcode *334# is easy to dial and remember.
  • Services are free of charge for MPESA-registered customers.
  • Customers can self-serve for various needs.

MPESA USSD Code Registration:

  1. Dial *334#.
  2. Select “My Account” > “MPESA Statement.”
  3. Choose “Register for email statement,” accept terms, enter email, and verify with MPESA PIN.
  4. Receive SMS confirmation and email validation OTP code.
  5. Dial *334#, select “My Account,” and choose “MPESA Statement.”
  6. Verify email with provided OTP code.

Getting MPESA Statement:

  • Dial *334# > “My Account” > “MPESA Statement” to request.
  • Receive statement via email and SMS notification.

Applying for Loan using MPESA USSD Code:

  1. Choose preferred MPESA loan app.
  2. Google lender’s USSD code.
  3. Confirm eligibility.
  4. Input USSD code on your phone and provide necessary details.
  5. Request loan and receive it instantly.

Advantages of MPESA USSD Codes for Loans:

  • Fast response to commands, saving time.
  • Borrow anytime, day or night, for emergencies.
  • Easy to use with simple instructions.
  • No need to install specific apps.
  • Works without mobile data bundles.


  • Kenyans have quick and straightforward access to MPESA USSD loans.
  • Borrow responsibly and repay on time.

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