M-KOPA Phones

M-KOPA, an East African mobile phone company, offers a diverse range of handsets at affordable prices, catering to the needs of low-income earners. This article presents a detailed list of M-KOPA phones along with their corresponding prices for 2024. Whether you’re looking for a basic feature phone or a smartphone with advanced features, M-KOPA has something for everyone.

About M-KOPA

M-KOPA has redefined access to mobile phones in Kenya by providing affordable handsets and services to individuals from various financial backgrounds. With flexible payment plans, M-KOPA ensures that owning a reliable smartphone is within reach for all Kenyans.

List of M-KOPA Phones and Prices

Below is the comprehensive list of M-KOPA phones available in 2024, along with their corresponding deposit, repayment period, and daily payment:

Phone ModelDeposit KshRepayment PeriodDaily Payment in Ksh
Nokia C12,69936535
Nokia C01 Plus3,29936540
Nokia 1.43,99936550
Nokia C103,29936540
Nokia C203,99936545
Nokia C213,99936550
Nokia C21 Plus4,69936555
Nokia C304,29936555
Nokia G103,69936560
Nokia G204,99936570
Nokia G214,99936570
Nokia 5.45,49936585
Nokia G509,499365140
Nokia X107,999365100
Samsung A023,49936555
Samsung AO33,49936560
Samsung AO3 Core3,99936550
Samsung A03s3,99936565
Samsung A124,49936570
Samsung A135,99936590
Samsung A225,99936585
Samsung A237,499365100
Samsung A3310,999365170

Frequently Asked Questions about M-KOPA Phones

  1. How do I get an M-KOPA phone?
    M-KOPA phones can be purchased through authorized retailers in Kenya or online. Once purchased, the phone will be activated within 24 hours.
  2. Which phones are available on M-KOPA?
    M-KOPA offers a variety of smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. Popular models include the Samsung A03, Nokia C20, and Samsung A12.
  3. Does M-KOPA belong to Safaricom?
    No, M-KOPA is an independent company and does not belong to Safaricom.
  4. Does M-KOPA have Samsung phones?
    Yes, M-KOPA offers a wide range of Samsung phones, including popular models like the A03 and A12.
  5. Can I borrow cash from M-KOPA?
    Yes, M-KOPA provides loan facilities through their app for customers with a good repayment history.
  6. What happens if I fail to pay for M-KOPA phones?
    Failure to make daily/weekly payments may result in the device being locked until the outstanding amount is repaid. Future loans from M-KOPA may also be put on hold until all outstanding payments are cleared.
  7. What happens when I finish paying off my M-KOPA phone?
    Upon completion of payments, you will receive a certificate of ownership, proving your rightful ownership of the device. Daily/weekly payments towards the M-KOPA phone will no longer be required.


M-KOPA continues to be a reliable and affordable mobile phone provider in Kenya, offering a wide range of devices to suit various needs and budgets. With flexible payment plans and quality handsets, M-KOPA ensures that everyone can access reliable communication tools without financial strain. Explore their selection of phones today and find the perfect fit for your needs!

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