Joseph Zutah

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The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has appointed former Yanga defender, Joseph Zutah as the general manager of all football centers in the country as of yesterday.

The success that Zutah has achieved in the Medeama club where he was the Chief Executive by leading it to win the Premier League championship in the country last season while also being the Vice President of the Ghana Professional Footballers Association, has convinced the GFA to give him the opportunity.

Zutah’s major role is to manage the construction of many soccer centers for young people, but also to prepare a strategy to empower those centers technically, as well as the management of the scouting system and football development for those young people.

Zutah, who is 29 years old, was signed by Yanga in 2015 and served for one year before leaving and returning to Ghana to serve Medeama where he played until he retired in February last year

The defender once won the Premier League championship in Ghana and Mainland Tanzania at different times when he served Yanga and Medeama, serving as a full-back and sometimes a midfielder.

Leadership for Zutah has not reached him by accident as he is an academic with a degree in Science and Mathematics from the University of Cape Coast.

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