Anonymous, the international hacktivist collective, has issued a stern warning to Kenya’s President and Parliament regarding the Finance Bill, 2024. Using their X account with over 5 million followers, Anonymous released a video condemning the bill, which they claim unfairly taxes citizens. They criticized police harassment of peaceful demonstrators and warned of potential cyber-attacks from Kenyan hackers.

Anonymous emphasized the severity of their warning by addressing the President by name and signing off with a ‘Swahili’ salute. They warned of exposing corruption within the government if the bill is not rejected.

“On June 20, Kenyans will march and #OccupyParliament. Reject the Finance Bill or face global resistance,” they stated. Anonymous is known for high-profile cyber attacks and played a significant role in the Arab Spring. This marks their first involvement in Kenyan politics. Protests against the Finance Bill are planned nationwide, including in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

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