The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) briefly paused their patrol in Nairobi when a military truck broke down, showcasing their preparedness by having a soldier repair the vehicle within five minutes. The convoy stopped on Enterprise Road as soldiers provided protection during the repair.

Earlier in the day, another armoured personnel carrier (APC) had also broken down, causing a temporary halt in the procession. The KDF’s deployment was authorized by Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale on March 25 and approved by Parliament.

The High Court is set to rule on a petition by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) seeking to overturn the government’s decision to deploy KDF soldiers for protest control. On Thursday, KDF soldiers patrolled Nairobi in anticipation of protests against President William Ruto’s administration.

The patrol was peaceful, with Kenyans waving at soldiers on military trucks. During the breakdown, onlookers watched curiously as soldiers fixed the truck, contrasting with Tuesday’s protests where demonstrators clashed with law enforcement.

On Tuesday, protests against the Finance Bill turned violent, with demonstrators pushing back against police and setting a police lorry on fire near Parliament buildings.

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