On Thursday, June 27, UDA-nominated MP Jackson Kosgei recounted how protesters saved his life after Parliament was breached during the anti-Finance Bill protests on Tuesday.

Kosgei, who uses a wheelchair, couldn’t evacuate with his colleagues due to the inaccessible evacuation route. Along with a female MP who uses crutches, he sought refuge in a private members’ lounge inside Parliament.

Protesters entered the building and, instead of harming them, engaged in conversation. They advised Kosgei to leave for his safety and helped evacuate him.

“They told me they knew who I was and wanted to escort me out, warning that the situation might worsen,” Kosgei said. He expressed gratitude for their humanity despite his support for the Finance Bill 2024.

Kosgei also extended condolences to the families of those who lost their lives during the breach. Human rights organizations reported nearly four deaths, with others injured, while police have yet to confirm the exact casualties.

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