Anti-Government Protests In Nairobi

Kenyan activists called for protests on Tuesday, rejecting President Ruto’s dialogue appeal. Last week’s clashes killed 24 people and saw parliament stormed and burned.

Protests started over a finance bill to raise 346 billion shillings ($2.69 billion) in taxes, driven by young people on social media. Demands now include fighting corruption and calling for Ruto’s resignation.

Ruto’s TV interview defending police actions strengthened protesters’ resolve. Activists urged people to occupy Nairobi’s Central Business District using #OccupyCBDTuesday. The movement has no official leadership, making turnout uncertain.

Ruto called for dialogue but protesters see it as co-opt attempt. He defended police actions and suggested funding the budget gap through borrowing. Finance Minister Ndung’u noted spending cuts are needed due to borrowing limits, pending a supplementary budget approval.

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